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StripClick v0.01

23 December 18

This game this is exactly what its name promises to be striptease cleaker. Thus don't hope any arousing stories or hilarious dialogs with numerous choices - all you will have to do here would be to click on enough times about the image of super-cute appearing anime chick to split her clotehs into small lumps. You then are able to tear of her panties too! For that it is possible to prize her with a single messy cum-shot covering her from head to feet and in come back she will provide you couple coins that you are able to accumulate for... well, nobody understands what you may require these coins - resembles the programmer studio was considering providing you a great deal of sexy big-titted women to de-robe compared to adding some other content into the game. Yet there'll be a great deal of sexy women in lots of different garments - would you be in a position to de-robe all of them?

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