Pussymon: Episode 02

In case you've luved playing with the very first-ever episode of fresh and epic poem (and quite continous) manga porn themed venture known as Pussymon Saga thne you'll be happy to understand that 2nd gig is here! This chapter is called"The Queen Request" and it will continue the story on you and your fellow pussymon hunters producing the manner in this dream world. The fact that you are about to get the special quest form the Queen herslf certainly tells something about your abilities at the same time it willput a lot of responsibility on your soiree. More information you will find out after you'll commence playing yet there's something else that people nevertheless can tell - with every new epsiode you will find not only the fresh quests but fresh pussymons and sexy animations as well so researching this planet at many and most epsiodes following this one is still going to be more exciting!

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