School Girl Sim 1

Slutty McSlut is one very naughty furry. May be she isn't the nicest person in the world but even she has a boyfriend... that you'll be playingas in this match! Plus it turns out that she thinks you'renot smart enough... so that she sends you straight back to school to upgrade your intelligence! She kicks you out from her car at the school front door at which gaemeplay begins. You'll need to see different school locations and talk with folks you'll meet there. Actually they will ask you a few questions. Correct answe will increase your intellect and erroneous ones will fall your health points - so try to consider first rather than clicking by chance (or click by chance if your luck skill in real world is enough)! Besides the points you may get yet another reward for correct responses - you may get hot hentai postcards with hot school themes!

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