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Goku drills Tsunade

7 April 21

Goku and Tsunade are bioth well know anime characters but they are from different universes... yet if a single youthful and stong hero wishes to fuck buxomy blonde milf and yet another buxomy blonde milf won't mind of having big and strong shaft from younger admirer this hardly will be a problem for manga porn parody genre - the universes will collide and our heroes will eventually get what they desired to get! Ofcourse it all may sound a tiny bit too epic so you shouldn't expect any big story from this game which is clearly have one purpose only - to flash you how a couple of characters from different anime series could have some quality funtime together. Well, not only to flash you but to let you to take some part in the process as well thanks to interactive elements you will find here.

Dragon Ball X

10 April 21

First of all this game is text based yet some artworks will still be present along teh way to help you to dive into the atmospehere of world popular anime and manga series"Dragon Ball Z"! And just like it was in the original story your principal objective will be to collect all of the seven dragon pouch nevertheless the methods that you are supposed to use during this escapade will probably be quiet differnt - actually they are going to be so different that we most likely should have add couple more X's to the title of this game because if you still didn't get it this really is still an interactive manga porn parody! So get ready to visit comfortable locations and meet your favourite characters however also be ready to do it more closely (if you know what we mean by that) than ever before! Have fun!