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Lust for bust

24 May 21

Game is especially for men. You have to move your mousecarefully to look at your friend sisters breasts. If his sister will probably grab you staring at her hot breasts, he won't be very happy.

The Teacher's Law

25 October 22

The game of a sexy studentwho is trying to find a way to get his sexy teacher isn't that is very common... but what happens if the teacher happens to be his aunt? Don't forget to mention his cute and sexually attractive cousin! It's true that making this choice is more difficult than any other choice during exams absolutely! However, do you really have to choose just oneof them? Well...

FT: Christmas Dream

3 April 21

In this story from Fucktown you will meet Ryan - a twenty-one year old man who cravings about having beautiful girlfriend yet his attempts of getting one all fail every time. And he was deperate enough to write a letter to Santa bout it! But is it even in Santa's powers (not to mention his discipline of interests) to make such things to take place? Well, it is xmas season in Fucktown - so how do you think? Ofcoruse it will! But how it will happen you will find out only in case you will play this game by yoruself. The game is colorful and well drawn so it could easily bring some fun and joy into your life too! And in case you will enjoy it (when you wil enoy it) don't forget to chekc our website for more interactive tales from Fucktown and you will understand that you don't have to wait for xmas season to produce some sex-magic to take place.

Horizon of Passion V0.7I

30 April 21

The main protagonist in this story appears to get back into normal after he discovered his family and is living in a house with a family, but working on a particular issue like usual, brings up another one: his mother is so hot and sexy that it threatens the trust of the entire family! Are you able to discover the most non-destructive solution to this surprising problem?